Lost Ring on Calgary Highway Recovered

  • from Calgary (Alberta, Canada)

After a long time in  -25 deg temperatures it was pleasant to see +2 degrees again,that is unless you are driving on Calgary’s freeways without windshield washer fluid and then the splash from the road makes visibility impossible. Such was the case for Erin and her friend. They ran out of fluids and had to pull over to the side of the very busy Deerfoot Trail where Erin jumped out and threw snow on the windshield and in the process lost her ring. They looked and looked but could not find  it.   She called me and we agreed to meet at the side of the highway. When I got there they had returned to the seen  and  with cars flying past us at 100 km/h she began to relate her story.  She pointed at the ground where she was standing and said, ” I was standing about here” then she paused, because at the toe of her boot was the lost ring. While I hadn’t even turned on my Metal Detector she was grateful that I had come out, as she had thought it was gone forever.  A very happy young lady cleaned up her ring and posed for the photo below.

Happy Erin with Recovered Ring

Found Gold Ring