Lost 24k Gold Ring Recovered in North Calgary

  • from Calgary (Alberta, Canada)

Ms. Fakha was doing her annual Autumn tidy up in her front yard. She hadn’t noticed while she was busy her ring had fallen off, it had a lot of sentimental value and was given to her in India by her late husband. When I arrived at her home she showed me the areas where she had been working.

It seems to very common for folks to lose rings in the autumn, they don’t realize there hands are getting cool as they work and the rings just slip off their fingers while they work.

I had finished metal detecting the east side of the pathway and started on the west side when I got a nice loud tone. When I looked down and parted the grass slightly the sparkle of the large diamond and sheen of the 24 karat gold band reflected the setting sun brightly.

Ms. Fakha was very happy and grateful to get her ring back. Another successful recovery by The Ring Finders.

24 Karat Ring Recovered

24 Karat Ring Recovered