Lost Ring - An Inside Job - Calgary

  • from Calgary (Alberta, Canada)

Vince contacted me yesterday, he had seen my listing on TheRingFinders.com his fiancé had lost her engagement ring in their Condo.  I explained the limitations of a metal detector inside a building due to the pipes, wires, duct work , screws and nails.  Vince was insistent that at least I could add another pair of eyes to the search.

They were so desperate to get the engagement ring back I agreed to go out and do the best I could.   I have done building searches before and it normally comes down to Detective work not Detector work.

When I got to their home Vince explained that his fiancé had been gardening when she lost the ring, I exclaimed, so it’s outside!  My hopes for the search went up only to be dashed when Vince explained, no she was starting their seedlings in doors and he showed me a big metal table with trays of seedlings in peat pots.

We started by lifting the pots up and sliding them across the coil one at a time, akin to scanning groceries at a checkout, but not a murmur they ring was not there.  He then took me to the basement.  He said, this may look odd but they’re tomatoes nothing illegal.  I scanned the containers here but nothing.  Next it was out to the green house which we dismantled bring all plants out and scanning them , still nothing.  Then I asked about the garbage, while they didn’t think it would be there we emptied the bag and scanned the contents still no ring.

After moving furniture around the living room where the first table of pots were and not seeing the ring or even a good hiding place I stopped to ask some more questions.   I asked her what she was wearing and where are those clothes now.  She said she had washed everything and it was all put away.  we washed off my Garrett ProPointer, which only has a detecting radius of about 2 inches, so we wouldn’t soil her clothes and went up stairs scanning everything in her closet.  The she remembered she hadn’t  washed her Jeans yet! Yes, the ring was in the pocket, another. Happy couple thanks to the experience of TheRingFinders.com

Thrilled to get her ring back on her finger

Thrilled to get her ring back on her finger

Found in Jeans Pocket

Found in Jeans Pocket



2 Replies to “Lost Ring – An Inside Job – Calgary”

  1. Stan Ross says:

    Congratulations Bill.. I will try anywhere, but I tell people the inside searches are less than 50%.. One of the most recent was found in the drier after she washed her clothes she had worn the day of the loss. The other was in the sofa after I had searched the park where she had walked her dog. One other was found in the bath tub drain two weeks after I searched the yard and a Christmas tree lot. I always ask people to let me know if they find the ring later, but I’ll bet some are too embarrassed to call me back.

  2. Chris Turner says:

    Yes it’s amazing how many people find their ring after we search the outside areas where they think it could be…I always tell them to call me after they find it and some have! Questions are the key to recoveries and you were spot on with yours…Way to go Bill.

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