Lost White Gold Ring Recovered in Calgary - Bridgeland

  • from Calgary (Alberta, Canada)

I received a call on Saturday night while I was at a family Christmas get together, a gentleman explained that his wife had lost both her Wedding and Engagement ring. While I was busy that night I agreed to go out and do the search the next day.

Sunday,  I dressed in my winter parka and warm boots and gloves since it was -18° C ( approx 0° F) and went over to find Brigette’s ring, she came out right away when she saw me drive up and I inquired about the details of the loss and the area it was lost in, on the phone I had been told there was a lot of snow but I was pleasantly surprised there was only about 6 inches in the area where the rings were lost.  They had done there own search and found the wedding band but could not located the engagement ring.

I got out my Garrett ATPRO, Garrett Pinpointer and Garrett Retriever, the retriever is perfect for raking through snow.  The ring was White Gold so I set up my detector in Pro Mode, Coin setting, and Iron Discrim of 30, White Gold can range from 45 to 65 on the display depending on the mixture of metals mixed with the gold.  I set out a grid of the area and started my search, after finding some foil and coins I had seemed to have cleaned out the area of likely signals so it was time to search the grid in the other direction, 90° from the first scan.  After about another 15 minutes I got a scratchy  mid tone  and a 45 on the display. I was expecting to have a clear tone but scratched away the snow and ice crystals and there it was a beautiful White Gold and Diamond Engagement Ring.  When I presented it to Brigette she broke into tears of joy, which she wiped away for the picture I took. There is no better feeling than reuniting people with the valuables they thought they would never see.  Merry Christmas Brigette.


Brigette gets her Lost Ring back

Brigette gets her Lost Ring back

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  1. Fitzy says:

    I learn something from reading all of these along with being happy for both finder and keeper. Great Job! Happy Holidays!


  2. Great Christmas present.

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