Lost 22K Gold Ring Recovered -- in Calgary

  • from Calgary (Alberta, Canada)

I was out looking in a snow bank for some keys for a couple the other night, when I got a call from Dan.  He said he would like to rent a metal detector to find the ring he had lost earlier in front of his house.  I advised that I could come over and find it for him and save him the frustration of learning to use a detector and failing to find the ring due to a lack of experience.  He agreed, and as soon as I finished recovering the keys I rushed over to Dan’s house.  Dan and his brother came out to show me where they thought it was lost so I setup to grid the area. My first pass I deliberately went further along than they had indicated, at which point I was corrected and told that it wouldn’t be there and I should walk back toward the two fellows.  I asked them if they would like me to dig the signal I just got or ignore it, because it sounds pretty good.  Dan says sure if you want to, so I did and up popped the 22k Men’s Gold Ring.

22 K Gold Ring

Not where they expected it to be

Lost items are rarely in the spot you think you lost them, as your searching you kick things around and then you call The Ring Finders and we think out of the box as well as using top notch equipment to recover your valuables.  Dan and his brother if they had of rented a detector would not have found this ring because it was out of their perceived search area.  Why Rent when an Expert can locate your valuables for you.

Dan was a very happy man and couldn’t believe I had recovered it in only 10 minutes.

Dan with Ring

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6 Replies to “Lost 22K Gold Ring Recovered — in Calgary”

  1. Perfect example as to why people should call an experienced detectorist rather than attempt to rent a detector and go through the frustration and failure. Great results.

    1. jason bontrager says:


      1. Bill Jones says:

        Thanks fr your reply Larry, I have an old Bounty Hunter Quick Draw Detector I do rent out for folks that want to try before they buy but I always give them a lesson in my test bed before they head out. I never recommend they rent if they are looking to recover something they have lost. Our experience with our detectors is more valuable than the detectors themselves a signal that sounds good to you and I is just a beep to the lay person.

  2. Chris Turner says:

    Way to go Bill…What a beautiful looking ring you found for the young man…I wonder how many people rent a detector and just give up the search when they can’t find the ring…

    1. Bill Jones says:

      Probably more than we know Chris, It’s the first 22k ring I have ever recovered most are lower carat rings.

  3. John Volek says:

    Great job, and great story.

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