Lost Titanium Ring Recovered in Airdrie, Alberta

  • from Calgary (Alberta, Canada)

First winter snow has arrived here in Airdrie, AB and  rings slide off fingers quickly when they are cold. Today I was asked to find a mans Wedding Ring.  Kim, explain her husband had been playing with their dog in the snow and had lost his wedding band, unfortunately the hadn’t noticed until they got home and were at the dinner table.

She thought they had a pretty good idea where it might be in the park, so when I arrived we went over to the park and searched the Snow Drifts but had no luck, only about 4 signals that were even remotely close to Titanium.  Kim said, that they had also walked along the pathway to a small bridge before heading home.  I decided the scan the sides of the  pathway and after about 3 feet got a loud tone  and the signal ID number was in the right range for Titanium, but this was on the paved path.  I fully expected this to be something underneath the pavement but when I search for a ring I don’t ignore anything and that’s a good thing because I brushed away the snow and there was the wedding band and a large one at that.

Very Large Titanium Ring recovered in Snow

Very Large Titanium Ring recovered in Snow


Kim was so happy that she was able to  give her husband his ring back tonight at dinner.  Another smile returned, what a great day for Kim and me. Just love seeing the grateful smiles.

Kim with Ring


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