Lost Ring Recovered in Calgary, Marda Loop

  • from Calgary (Alberta, Canada)

LEAF it too the Ring Finders to get that ring back on your finger

I was called out to find a ring for a gentleman who had lost it in his yard while picking up and bagging leaves.  Yes , its autumn and when I got there he had may bags of leaves lined up beside the garage.  Martin explained, that he had been working in the yard doing his leaf cleanup and may have lost the ring in the front yard, backyard or possibly it may have even managed to get into one of the bags which he had already gone through but didn’t see it.

I suggested we start with the bags at which point he grabbed one closest to him and I started to scan it, I asked him if there was any chance that he had added foil or other metal to the bags and he responded he didn’t think so.  So I announced that I had just heard a strong signal so we open the bag and I went in with my Probe which also sounded off.  We emptied the bag and retrieved the Gold Ring he had received on his 18th birthday form his Mom many years ago.  This was one of the fastest ring finds so far but had the potential to be much longer if I had started with the yard, sometimes luck is on our side.

As you can see he was extremely happy to get his treasured ring back and agreed to have it sized so as not to lose it again.
Thank you Martin for the kind reward.

Close-up of Martins Ring

recovered in a Bag of Leaves

Martin was thrilled to have his keepsake back.

Martin was thrilled to have his keepsake back.


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