Lost Ring in Calgary Area - Recovered

  • from Calgary (Alberta, Canada)

White Gold and Diamond  Wedding Ring lost for 10 months then recovered  10 inches deep.

Ring Still in the hole

Ring Still in the hole

This saga all started in January of 2013 when. Mrs. P.  was feeding the horses and threw some hay over the fence into the horse paddock and off came her wedding ring.  When she realized it was gone they did a visual search of the amongst the hay and snow but no luck.  Dismayed she felt it was gone for ever, 6 months later Mr. P. was searching the internet and found The Ring Finders and called me to come out.   I went and searched the horse paddock to no avail, all I found were iron signals after questioning them they told me they had scraped all the manure off the paddock in May to use in their vegetable garden on the other side of the 4 acre property.  We headed over to the garden area only to find that with all the rain we had this spring it was too muddy to get into without sinking knee deep.   Sadly, I was not able to retrieve the ring.

The last few days of September are waning, and I received a call from Mr. P.  asking if I would come out again and search the garden as the harvest was done and wanted to Rototill the ground but thought we should give it another try first, I agreed.  To my surprise when I got there he advised me that his Dad had been over and tilled the garden not once but 3 times since he called me and his Dad had all so spread some of the garden soil on another part of the property.   I figured that I was in for a long hunt.  I set to checking where the soil had been spread before going over to the garden area.  Nothing but nails there, so off to the gardens here I got lots of deep iron signals and after 1 1/2 hours,  I had searched 3/4’s of the garden and got a deep mixed signal bouncing from an ID of a scratch 45 to 80 on the Garrett AT PRO, this was peeked my interest so I started digging at about 9 inches I hit non-tilled hard soil, I checked with my Garrett Pin-Pointer probe and the item was still deeper, after another inch the item revealed itself!  Yes, it was the long lost ring in all it’s gleaming glory. 

Indus Ring RIng Only

Mr. And Mrs. P.  were thrilled to get it back and we celebrated of a refreshing beer.  Thank you Mr. & Mrs. P. For your generous reward.

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  1. Difficult search but great results! Probably the last ‘fair weather’ search this year?..

    1. Bill Jones says:

      I think I can fit in a few more finds before the snow fly’s, going out today to search for a Titanium Ring on a construction site. I find I’m just as busy in the winter as the summer though, with people tobogganing, snowball fighting etc.

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