Lost Ring in Calgary Condo - Recovered

  • from Calgary (Alberta, Canada)

This Lost Ring was nicely chilled

I got a call out to find a white Gold and Diamond Ring this weekend unfortunately it was inside a condominium today, they knew the ring is still in the apartment as he had given it to her the evening before and they hadn’t left home at all.  I explained that finding rings in doors can be troublesome due to all the other metal holding the place together giving the Detector false signals , but I agreed to go out and try.

The young couple explained that they hadn’t left the unit since it went missing so I asked when she saw it last, it was the night before when he had given it to her, he even took a picture of it on her hand, which he showed me.  I asked what had she done after, putting the ring on her finger.

She explained how she had gone up to the kitchen and made lasagna, then after went and had a bath.  I asked if it could have come off her finger in the bath, but she didn’t think so, as that was when she noticed it missing.

I asked about the lasagna, if it could have ended up in the dish, she said maybe she had  made two, they had eaten one but there wasn’t a ring in it.   So, we scanned the glass dish the other lasagna was in but nothing. I asked if she had prepared anything else, and she explained a salad and the left overs were in the fridge, which she took out in a Tupperware container.  BINGO!!! Yep, you guessed it!  The ring was in the salad, she was ecstatic to get her ring back and so was her fiancé.  I love giving people their smiles back!

Found Ring Lost Ring

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  1. Chris Turner says:

    Great detective work, way to go on the recovery! what a beautiful ring!
    Best, Chris

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