Lost Ring in Calgary Recovered

  • from Calgary (Alberta, Canada)

Three Times a Charm . . . errrr Ring!

The other night my phone rang at 10:30pm and a gentleman explained that he had lost his white gold wedding ring.  I could tell by his voice he was quite distraught over the loss.   I agreed to come out right away and arrived at his business 30 minutes later.  Robert took me down an alley to a parking space that had snow but most of it was trampled down and there where foot prints every where.  I was told his enthusiastic employees had come to help him find it and kicked around in the snow and one even got a snow shovel and started shoveling snow.

One person explained to Robert that he had a friend once that called someone with a metal detector that helped find a ring.   Robert Googled and found me at TheRingFinders.com

(1) I got to work right away I had Robert re-enact  how he lost his ring and I started my search in that area.   After 2 hours in the dark cold alley, I had only found tons of bad signals, I scraped down to ice every signal but due to the nature of back alley ways and parking spots, all I was finding was foil pennies and junk.  I told Robert, hat I would come back in the morning and try again in the light of day.

(2) Arrived back there at 9 am and in the light was able to grid the area properly.  I worked the grid in 3 directions but again still did not locate the ring.  I was positive it was there but after 3 hours I had to go to work so had to give up.

(3) Robert called me again today and said he had put a bunch of Salt out to melt the ice, I said I would come out and try a third time.   After I finished work, I drove over and with plenty of sun light left started my search again after 10 minutes I decided to check a snow bank about 2 feet from the edge of my grid and about 15 feet from where Robert though he had lost it I got a sharp clear signal scooped up some snow at the target site and there it was gleaming in the snow.

Roberts Ring found
Robert was thrilled to get his ring back, he had only been married for 8 months and agreed to have his ring resized to fit a bit tighter.
I just love putting smiles back on faces.
Robert with Ring
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  1. Good find in tough conditions. Perserverance pays off! Hopefully the snow will start melting in the near future….

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