Airdrie Ring Finder - Recovers Lost White Gold Pendant

  • from Calgary (Alberta, Canada)

I received a call from a young lady last night who had lost a White Gold and Diamond Pendant in the snow while outside with her dog.  They looked on line and found me on  , I agreed to go out today out and d a search for her today.  Unfortunately she had to work, but her husband made time to meet me.  I searched the area for about an hour with my Metal Detector, however, The pendant was actually discovered with my Garrett Pin Pointer Pro instead of a full blown metal detector.   The Garrett Pin Pointer Pro turned out to be perfect for checking under the steps where there was little space for the full sized detector.

Garrett Pin Pointer Pro

Garrett Pin Pointer Pro

The recovery of the pendant was rejoiced by the husband and he was looking forward to presenting it to his wife, too bad I couldn’t be there for her arrival.  Below is a photo of the pendant and the happy occasion.

White Gold Pendant Found

Another Happy Customer

This find was in Lacombe Alberta, while a little outside my search area I’m always thrilled to be able to put a smile back on someone’s face.
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