Lost Ring Finder Airdrie Alberta

  • from Calgary (Alberta, Canada)

Finding Rings and Valuables has been a keen interest of mine since I purchased my first metal detector in 1978.  I started out working a local school yard finding just pennies, but it wasn’t long before I honed my Metal Detecting skills to a point where I was finding finger rings, and ear rings.  I often joke that all he earrings that I have found are left earrings because they the ones left behind, I know  (groan) right, and that is  why I’m a Detectorist and not a comedian.   Metal Detectors were very rudimentary and had little technology built in back in the day, but have improved considerably and my current Metal Detector has a lot of technology allowing me to recognize many items just by there signal.

Over the years I have found numerous Rings, Bracelets and other valuables and in many cases I have been able to return them to their owners.  When I have  been requested to find an item of  value, whether it was of intrinsic or emotional value,  I am happy to say that I have been able to return the items in most cases, to the thrill of those that lost their Rings, Keys, Bracelets  or in some cases Change Purses.

Few  years back I was fortunate to able to metal detect in a farmers field that was the site of the original placement of Fort Macleod Alberta, this was a major Northwest Mounted Police Barracks in 1874.  I managed to locate under some very stubborn sod and large Alfalfa plants, several inches below the surface, some North West Mounted Police Buttons, these were thin shells of brass that were originally placed over a wooden button.  The wood had rotted away decades before and I was able to recover them and a turn them over to the local museum curator.

It is always a thrill for me me reunite owners with their lost items, the looks on their faces is priceless.   I have just recently joined THE  RING FINDERS at www.theringfinders.com so that I can further assist those that have lost Rings and other Valuables in Airdrie and surrounding communities