Lost Ring Montclaire State College, New Jersey...Found!

from Warren County (New Jersey, United States)
Contact: 1-908-339-8691

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On Monday evening February 3, 2014, I received a frantic call from Emily of Orange Grove, TX who is a student at Montclaire State College here in New Jersey. Emily told me that while cleaning the snow off her car in a Campus parking lot she fell down. When she got up, she brushed the snow off herself and her Beautiful Diamond and White Gold ring went flying into the snow. Emily and some friends looked for the ring even using hot water to melt the snow, unfortunately they could not find it. I live approximately 65 miles from the College and we just had 8″ of snow fall on us. My street had not been plowed so I asked Emily if she had called any other Ring Finders that were closer to her. Emily said she had called several members however no one had answered their phone. I then told Emily that if she can’t get someone closer to her that I would meet her in the morning to look for the ring. Emily called me 10 minutes later and I made arrangements to look for the ring in the morning. Upon my arrival at the College, Emily Texed me the location where she lost the ring and said she would join me when her class was over. The parking spot where she lost the ring was taped off. I began my search with my Garrett Ace 250. What made the search difficult was the hot spots in the parking lot material. Emily shortly joined me and showed me the spot where the ring may be. The hot water that Emily used last night had frozen making it more difficult to locate the ring. After scrapping some of the ice from the area, I got a good gold signal and cleared the ice away uncovering the ring.

3 Replies to “Lost Ring Montclaire State College, New Jersey…Found!”

  1. Bevan Badcott says:

    Well done. Great find in very difficult conditions. Not to mention the long drive in bad weather.

  2. Chris Turner says:

    Way to go Bill…Great recovery and nice to see the smile! Water and Ice…That makes for tough digging!!!Best, Chris Turner

  3. I’d give you an ‘A’ for effort and success! Great find.

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