Lost Gold Wedding Band at Lehigh County, PA Air Show...Found!

from Warren County (New Jersey, United States)
Contact: 1-908-339-8691

On Friday afternoon 9/6/13,  I received a call from Mr. Mike McGrath of Frenchtown, NJ who told me he lost his wedding ring at the Lehigh County, PA Air Show two weeks ago. Mike asked for my help in finding the ring. I told Mike it was unlikely that the ring would be found 2 weeks later since someone may have already found it or it may have been destroyed when the air field grass was cut. Mike made arrangements with Al, the Operations Manager at the Lehigh Valley Airport in Allentown where the Air Show was held and Mike agreed to pick me up at 9 AM on Sunday. We met Al at the terminal parking lot and he was very cooperative in helping us find the ring by driving us to the area Mike and his wife were at when he lost the ring. Mike said he lost the ring when he took it off to put some suntan lotion on. He placed the ring in his lap while sitting down and in the excitement of the show he jumped up from his seat and forgot about the ring being in his lap. A short time later Mike noticed his ring was missing and searched the area for it without success. Mike had checked with lost and found and no one had turned in the ring. Using a video Mike made of the show we were able to find the area he was in during the show. Our first sign of luck was that the Airport lawn was not mowed since the show and the ring may be hiding in the grass. I started metal detecting the area and staking off the areas searched. About 1 hour later,  I suggested that Mike should check the local Pawn Shops to see if someone sold it there. All of a sudden, my White’s metal detector received that familiar gold sound. I took out my Garrett pin pointer and in between some tall blades of grass, I saw a gold ring standing up in the grass. With a big smile on my face, I called Mike and Al over and holding the ring in my hand said, Mike is this your ring. Mike confirmed with a big smile and a yes that it was his ring. Al also was smiling. Both could not believe that I found the ring. Al took some photos and even confirmed with the Airport Control Tower that we found the ring.

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  1. Mike McGrath says:

    A BIG thank you to The Ring Finders, Bill Dobbins and Al with Lehigh Valley Airport Operations, for helping me find my wedding ring! I lost my ring while attending the Lehigh Valley Airshow on August 25th and after calling the Airport lost & found, post air show cleanup with no luck, I asked the Operations Manager if it would be possible to permit me to search the area where I believe I lost the ring. They said yes and I thought ok, this is going to be like looking for a needle in a haystack, so I probably should get my hands on a metal detector. Subsequently, I began a search on the internet to find one to rent when I came across an article from someone who had lost a ring at the Jersey shore only one week earlier. That individual originally was also seeking to rent a metal detector when they came across The Ring Finders web site. The individual connected with a contact from the web site and located his lost ring the following morning within an hour. I thought, wow this makes total sense! Why try to find it myself when you can have a pro help you find it! So I immediately went to The Ring Finders web site and connected with Bill and planned our trip out to the Airport. We met with Al in Airport Operations who helped us get orientated on the airfield grounds and to the location where I thought I may have lost my ring. Bill found my ring within an hour, and needless to say I was very excited…both Al and I were quite impressed!! I will certainly recommend The Ring Finders web site and Bill to anyone who may need such services in the future!

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