Heart Stopping Find while searching for a ring

from Anna Maria Island (Florida, United States)
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Earlier this week I was asked to find a wedding ring lost in the ocean about 25 yards out from the surf line. I tried three times but had no luck. Once I was driven in by lightning. You should get out of the water when a lightning flash causes your metal detector to sound off. At one point I had a good strong signal but the water was up to my neck and every time I tried to dig it the waves swept me off my feet. I went back the next day at low tide confident I could find the spot. Again I got a strong signal where I had the previous day. Water was only about three feet so no problem digging. Unfortunately it was a cluster of hair (bobby) pins.
IMG_3815While searching for this wedding band you occasionally do find other stuff. This time a silver ring marked “Tiffney” made it into my recovery basket. That one word is enough to get any metal detector guy’s heart pounding.

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  1. Chris Turner says:

    Way to go on the big bling…Will you still go back for the lost ring or have you done all you can?

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