Lost Wedding Ring Anna Maria Island...Found

from Anna Maria Island (Florida, United States)
Contact: 1-941-742-0798

About a week ago I got a call about 8pm from Walter who was vacationing with his wife on Anna Maria Island from Denver. He had lost his wedding ring in the water just out from The Beach Bistro in three to four feet of water. I agreed to meet him the next morning. Since I know this section of beach very well I arrived there before dawn and got started. Walter and his wife showed up about 8AM and showed me the spot where he thought he had lost the ring. After about a half an hour I got a nice signal but it was in five feet of water; between the water depth and the waves running about a foot I got knocked off the spot and lost it before I could dig it.  I searched for another hour in three to five feet of water but a line of thunder storms with lots of lightning was headed my way. When my detector sounded off because of a pulse from a lightning flash I decided discretion being the better part of valor to quite for the day and try again later at low tide.

After two more tries I finally got that signal that I previously couldn’t dig. I was sure this was the ring because to spot was right and the signal was right. However what came up in my basket was a clump of hairpins.  Another hour of searching and I got signal that sounded good after digging two more bobby pins, thirty five cents in change, three bottle caps and a silver ring. At last, there is a gold wedding band in my basket. I am sure it is the correct ring because the size and description were spot on. I called Walt that afternoon when I got home and he was delighted. He had given up all hope of seeing his ring again. Walter is having the ring resized so this can’t happen again.IMG_3894_edited-1 IMG_3897_edited-1 IMG_3887_edited-1 IMG_3888_edited-1 IMG_3892_edited-1

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  1. Persistence! Luck is usually not a factor….just persistence and experience. Great effort and success.

  2. Chris Turner says:

    Yes good work and by the sounds of it hard work! Way to go on your recovery1

  3. John Volek says:

    Great job, and awesome dedication, nice going

    John Volek

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