Championship Ring Recovered on Anna Maria Island

from Anna Maria Island (Florida, United States)
Contact: 1-941-742-0798

Shortly after noon yesterday I got a call from Tom Mosca who lost his ring over the side of his friends boat, dockside, while unloading a cooler. Tom was a basketball coach at the University of Tampa; the ring was a treasured remembrance of winning the 2010 NCAA Women’s Basketball Championship. Low tide was in about three hours; I needed it to be as shallow as possible since I don’t have scuba gear. The dock was at a condo complex on Anna Maria Island only about ten minutes from my house. Tom was in Tampa and I was to meet Tom’s best friend Doug who lived on the island and owned the boat. The boat was on a lift almost at the end of the dock. Unfortunately there was no ladder to get into the water and it was almost 10′ so Doug lowered the boat which allowed me to go down the swim ladder. The water was up to my chin; fortunately there were no waves. I managed to work my way on tiptoes to the spot where it was believed the ring entered the water. After just a few sweeps with the search coil I got a very strong signal and centered the coil over the spot then carefully positioned my long handled scoop and made the first dig on the spot. Shaking out the mud I caught a glimpse of gold and there in the bottom of the basket was a fairly large gold and diamond mans ring. After working my way to the back of the boat I handed up my gear and the ring to Doug and climbed back aboard. As I gathered up my stuff Doug called Tom to let him know the recovery was successful. He would see Tom later in the week and return the ring. Another TheRingFinders happy result. IMG_3472_edited-1 IMG_3473_edited-1 IMG_3474_edited-1 IMG_3475_edited-1

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  1. Difficult circumstances… fortunately, the factors were in your favor to produce a great result!

  2. Chris Turner says:

    Yes thankfully you were tall enough on your tip toes to get that beautiful ring back up to the top of the water and where it belongs! Way to go and congratulations on a great recovery!

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