Wedding Disaster turns to Smiles

from Anna Maria Island (Florida, United States)
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Found Ring #1a_edited-1 Found Ring #1a photo_edited-2 New-sister-in-lawAbout eight PM last night I got a phone call from a distraught member of a wedding party. Could I come and try to find the brides wedding ring which was lost on Siesta Key Beach. I agreed to meet the brides new sister in law at there hotel at 7AM in the morning. She was waiting out front even though I was 15 minutes early. Evidently as the wedding party gathered on the  beach for the ceremony the person in charge of the ring opened the ring box and there was no ring!

The wedding proceeded without the ring. A search of the rooms, their car and every where else that it could be turned up nothing. It was surmised that the  ring was lost when the ring box was opened on the beach. Searching was fruitless. Siesta Key Beach sand is pure white and as fine as  powdered sugar; away from the water next to the dunes where the wedding was performed it is soft and dry. A dropped ring would sink out of sight instantly. A metal detector is the ONLY way it could be found.

I walked to the beach with the new sister in law and she showed me were the ceremony took place and we decided how far away from ground zero the ring could possibly  be. I marked a box around the area and started the search down the middle. each step overlapped and each pass overlapped.  The plan was to do the area in one direction then the same area at ninety degrees. No need, I got a solid signal on the last pass on the right side. I gently scooped the spot let the sand sift out and there was a beautiful white gold circle with 180 degrees of diamonds. I had the sister in law look in the scoop – she screamed – girls scream. Everyone agreed it was “The Ring”.

The Bride and Groom had already left for the airport to start the honeymoon so Samantha (sister in law) called the bride – more screaming. Damn, it sure was fun!

3 Replies to “Wedding Disaster turns to Smiles”

  1. Mark Rubey says:

    Screams of joy are great! Well done Bill.

  2. Chris Turner says:

    Great story Bill…Way to find the ring and the smiles…I had a lady screen so loud one time she scared the people around her…I love reading the stories of all the amazing recoveries…Best, Chris Turner

  3. Great story and great results… Makes your heart sing to know you can bring that much joy to someone.

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