Two lost rings found in Florence, KY! Wedding band and Diamond ring lost and recovered!

  • from Independence (Kentucky, United States)

I received a text from a distraught young lady who had lost not only her wedding band, but also a recently purchased diamond ring!

“Hey, I found you on Google. My husband and I just renewed our vows 4 months ago and he got me a brand new upgraded diamond ring. We’ve been together 17 years. I lost my ring in the front yard. I thought specifically the garden. I’ve been tearing up the garden for weeks and I can’t find it! I’m so so sick over losing it and fear it’s gone forever. Would you be able available to help”

A quick response “is 11:00 AM fine?” and the details were hammered out.

Upon my arrival, the young lady showed me the area where she presumed to the ring to be, but also pointed out that she also lost her tungsten wedding band the same time, as she wears them together. Obviously, she was more distraught over the new diamond ring. She stated it’s been about a month since she lost them and had just about given up. She showed me pictures of the rings and I got started.

After checking the mulchy landscaped garden area, and a bunch of nails, screws, and some loose change, I was certain the rings weren’t in that particular area. I then detected the area of the yard nearby, but with no more luck other than some more loose change.

At this point I decided to expand that yard area out a bit and sure enough, two solid signals side by side to each other. The first signal I popped up was the tungsten ring. She was sitting on the porch and I said “I think this is your wedding band”. She came down towards me asking if there was a “fingerprint” on the inside, and sure enough it was there. Now she was really excited, and I told her there’s a signal right next to this, and I was confident it’s the diamond ring. A quick turn of the surface and there before her eyes she sees her diamond ring. Immediately she exclaimed, “Oh my God… you actually found it! You really did find it!!!! Thank you thank you thank you!!!” followed by a long and strong hug and a few tears of joy.

I was just as equally happy to have found them! Thank you, Jennifer, for trusting me to successfully find your rings!

Lost rings found by metal detectorist Bill Bertke A happy recovery of two lost rings!

EDITED: Review from the young lady…

She was certain they were in the garden. After all that’s where she took them off mistakenly and set them on one of the bricks. Her uniquely black wedding band and brand new sparkly diamond ring. She had just received an upgraded ring after 17 years when her hubby presented it at their vow renewal. It was rare in shape, a hexagon setting that she hadn’t seen before. It was barely 4 months old on her finger. She began removing plants from the garden including cutting down a massive bush that she was positive the rings may have tumbled into. Cut down to the root, and no rings to be found. As the days turned into weeks, and very few but thorough rain storms, her hope began to diminish. Every time she would walk to and from the entry of their home, she’d stop and rustle around in the mulch, praying for the sun to catch a glisten of the diamond. Nothing. Repetitively nothing.

One day, while walking the kids to the park at the end of the neighborhood, she saw a man rooting around in the volleyball pit. She watched from afar as he used a metal detector and intermittently sifted through the sand. It wasn’t until that moment she ever thought to consider using a metal detector. The next day was Sunday. Football Sunday to most. Just a beautiful day where she prepared to do her usual tearing through the garden. Then she remembered the guy and his metal detector. A few google searches later and “Ring Finders…” popped up on her screen. A webpage page, a name, reputable bio and a phone number. She took a shot in the dark. It’s 9am on a Sunday. She texted the number and got a reply within minutes. Little exchange was all that was needed. He vowed to be there by 11am.

He showed up as promised (even a bit early!) with a smile on his face. A few more questions, getting his equipment ready, and he got to work. It had been about a month already. Maybe even a little longer. She wasn’t so sure anymore. And she was beginning to think her rings ended up in that weird purgatory space that your lost socks end up in while in the dryer. All she could do was sit on the cold concrete steps and watch him work. Every now and then she’d catch herself holding her breath and intermittently crossing her fingers hoping.

“I’m 100% positive they aren’t in the garden.” He said after a while. He began extending his search to the yard. Carefully sweeping with the detector until a suspecting beep came along, kneeling down cutting into the grass, digging around with a smaller metal detector wand, and usually finding nails, bottle caps, weird foil stuff, and other metals. Setting the oddities aside, and carefully replacing the grass, she could tell his technique was perfected leaving no trace that he was even there.

Eventually, he called to her as she sat on the porch trying to not be in the way. “Is this your wedding band?” She responded “is there a fingerprint inside the band?!” To which he replied “yes ma’am!” And she jumped out of her seat, ran down the stairs and knelt in front of the little hole several feet away from anywhere she had been searching. “There may be hope for the diamond ring after all!” she said while inspecting the black band. “And I hope this is the other ring!” he said while confirming a second beep with the detector right next to the little hole. Sure enough, there it was, almost right on top sorta tangled in the grass from a few weeks worth of growth.

Her diamond ring!
Unable to contain her excitement she was amazed he found it and didn’t bother asking if it was ok to hug him. She just did. She was so happy she had to choke back tears. She though it was lost forever. She profusely thanked him as he gathered his tools and paid him a reward for his time.

A very friendly and clearly knowledgeable man with experience searching for things once believed lost. Respectful care to the lawn and areas he searched. And all with a smile on his face.

Thank you Bill! You have no idea how much that meant to me coming out and taking the time to find them! Highly recommend and will use for all missing metal needs!!

-Jenny D.
Florence, KY

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