Lost Wedding Ring Found in the Surf

from Batemans Bay (Australia)

John rang me this morning after finding me on The Ring Finders web site.

He had been swimming at a local beach in Batemans Bay NSW Australia, and had felt his 14k Wedding band slip off. In desperation he had searched the area for most of the afternoon trying to see if he could find it. When he rang me he explained that he lost it in chest deep water at around high tide. I suggested to him that we wait until the tide had dropped a bit as the surf was running pretty high.

After meeting John and his wife at the location I was a little dismayed to find the surf was still pretty high but fortunately John was able to give me a few pointers to the location as he had triangulated it from some of land marks.

Searching in the surf was very difficult as the area we searched initially was just at the breaker line. After trying to grid as best as I could, and a few false signals, I was detecting walking backwards in an effort to counteract the surge when I heard a sweet tone. John was still standing in the surf line as I had been using him as a marker. One scoop into the sand and up came his precious Wedding Band. The look of joy and disbelief on his face was amazing. John and his wife were visiting from Sydney and were due to drive home the next day.

What a great thrill it is to reunite people with their precious items, I really love this hobby, it just keeps giving. The first of many for 2017


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  1. Well done Bevan. The difficult ines are always the most satisfying 🙂

    1. Bevan Badcott says:

      Thanks Nick.

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