Lost Wedding ring on Honeymoon, FOUND!

from Batemans Bay (Australia)

Got a call from Bill yesterday evening explaining that he had lost his Wedding Ring on the Beach at Merimbula, whilst playing with his dog. He also explained that he was on the second week of his Honeymoon and both he and his new Bride were naturally both very upset.

Merimbula is about two and a half hours south of me, but given the circumstances I said I would come down and do a search for them.

When I saw the beach my heart sank as it seemed to go on for miles, but Bill assured me he had a pretty good idea of the location.2016-03-29 11.44.45Not sure what I think of the sculpting. (It would be difficult to find plastic bag big enough).











Bill took me to the location and after a few passes up came a familiar signal on the Minelab CTX 3030. Needless to say both Bill and his new Bride were delighted. I never get over the joy on peoples faces when they are reunited with their precious items.


2016-03-29 09.14.34

2016-03-29 09.14.50


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