Lost Keys Found, Denhams Beach NSW Australia

from Batemans Bay (Australia)

Ted had been visiting his local beach with his grandchildren. On leaving the beach he found that he had lost his car keys. After spending some time searching for them he contacted me to see if I could be of help. He met me at the location and after a few minutes of a grided search I was able to find them a couple of inches under the surface. My Minelab CTX 3030 with the 17″ coil is just perfect for this kind of work and I really get a buzz when I am able to hand the lost items the the owners.

This is my second set of car keys found in a week. So glad people are realising that there are those of us out there that can help and are contacting us on the ringfinders team.

Thanks for allowing me to be of assistance and for the reward.Ted Keys 013  Ted Keys 015

2 Replies to “Lost Keys Found, Denhams Beach NSW Australia”

  1. Relief! Lost keys give an empty feeling

  2. Chris Turner says:

    I lost my keys while I was out metal detecting last year so I can understand the helpless feeling associated with losing your keys! Plus the expense of replacing your keys and the remote …very costly. (I found my keys) Way to go! happy hunting, Chris

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