Ring find Lake Conjola

from Batemans Bay (Australia)

Got a frantic call from a guy called Brett to say that his wife of four weeks had dropped her diamond encrusted 18 carat white gold wedding ring in the soft sand hills at Lake Conjola on the south coast of New South Wales, Australia.

It was late in the afternoon when he called so I made the hour long drive to the location as soon as possible. When I got there Brett explained that thy had half a dozen people searching the area but with no luck. I asked them to point out the vicinity that they believed the ring was dropped. I marked out the area and commenced a grid search. Fortunately not long into the search the Minelab CTX3030 fitted with a 17 inch coil located the ring in about 8 inches of sand.


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What a buzz it is to be able to reunite an owner with their lost jewellery especially when it holds such significance in their lives.

6 Replies to “Ring find Lake Conjola”

  1. Bevan, you saved the day! Bet she was sooo relieved! Good job.

    1. Yes she was. As Chris says “I love my job”.

  2. Bevan,
    P.S. I’ve never actually seen a 17″ coil. It would seem they would get heavy and difficult to use after a short time. Do you get any additional depth?

    1. Yes Larry I love the 17″ for beach hunts as long as the area is not too trashy. Depending on the target size I get good depth to 12″+. I always use the Minelab ProSwing45 harness when using the 17″ as it is a heavy coil, however with the harness I can swing it for hours without too much fatigue.

  3. Fitzy says:

    Great job! Im surprised the ring made it’s way 8 inches in such a short period of time….Nice Work.

    1. Thanks Fitzy, I think the reason was that they had several people searching and they had covered the target by raking the sand over it.

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