Lost Engagement Ring Found Batemans Bay

from Batemans Bay (Australia)

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Late last summer I was contacted by a young lady who had lost her 3 part  sapphire and diamond engagement ring whilst swimming in the surf at a local beach. The search area she gave me was quite large and the surf was fairly big but I told her I would do a search at the next low tide. When I arrived the surf was still high and the surge was washing up to the high tide mark, however I pushed on with the search and was able to find one part of the ring in knee deep water. I had to abandon the search when it got dark but returned the next day to continue looking. As I was searching a member of the public approached me and said “I don’t think you will find much on this beach mate!” However only a few minutes after he walked away I found the centre piece to the ring. I continued to complete my search pattern and to my great joy was able to find the third and remaining part to the young ladies engagement ring.

As you can see from the photo she was absolutely delighted to have it found and returned to her, as was I.

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3 Replies to “Lost Engagement Ring Found Batemans Bay”

  1. Gorgeous ring(s)….

  2. Chris Turner says:

    Great recoveries and way to go on your grid search to find them!!! Great looking rings!

  3. Super recovery, Bevam! Your persistence paid off. I bet she was thrilled to get all three pieces back. What a great find!

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