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Fire and Ice. Lost Ruby and Diamond Ring Found.

from Batemans Bay (Australia)

I had spent the weekend celebrating a close friends Golden Wedding Anniversary in Sydney and so I didn’t pick up on a message sent to me from Vicki on the 19th of January. Apparently, her friend Nadia, had been visiting the beautiful Eurobodalla south coast of NSW, and whilst swimming at McKenzie’s Beach on the 17th had lost her beautiful Ruby and Diamond Engagement Ring in the surf.

Nadia lives a couple of hours away from Batemans Bay and had returned home so the only way I could get location instructions was over the phone. I am always concerned about this because when people say left or right of a land mark, I need to clarify the direction they are looking. Anyway after the call I said I would have a look on McKenzie’s Beach at the first opportunity. Nadia had told me that she had been knocked over by a wave and lost the ring in the surf whilst trying to regain balance, so I decided to search at low tide.

I arrived at the beach at about an hour before low tide only to be met with a pretty good surf rolling in. McKenzie’s is not a very big beach and is in the shape of a horseshoe. Because of the amount of surf that comes in on this beach, it has a gutter that runs parallel to the shore and a rip that runs out to sea at the southern end. The gutter was running like a river, and so detecting in this area was very difficult. After three hours and with a rising tide I decided to call it a day.

I kept an eye on the surf for the rest of the week, and so on Friday 27th (a full 10 days after the ring was lost), I ventured off again. This time the surf was about half the height of the previous time. And after about an hour of looking for the lost ring, and finding pull tabs from aluminium cans, BINGO!!!! What can I say it is the most beautiful engagement ring, with a blood red Ruby flanked by two stunning Diamonds. 

I have just got back from meeting Nadia and her husband as they have travelled down for the weekend. Seeing the joy on Nadia’s face when I handed over the ring is what this is all about.

Lost Wedding Ring Found in the Surf

from Batemans Bay (Australia)

John rang me this morning after finding me on The Ring Finders web site.

He had been swimming at a local beach in Batemans Bay NSW Australia, and had felt his 14k Wedding band slip off. In desperation he had searched the area for most of the afternoon trying to see if he could find it. When he rang me he explained that he lost it in chest deep water at around high tide. I suggested to him that we wait until the tide had dropped a bit as the surf was running pretty high.

After meeting John and his wife at the location I was a little dismayed to find the surf was still pretty high but fortunately John was able to give me a few pointers to the location as he had triangulated it from some of land marks.

Searching in the surf was very difficult as the area we searched initially was just at the breaker line. After trying to grid as best as I could, and a few false signals, I was detecting walking backwards in an effort to counteract the surge when I heard a sweet tone. John was still standing in the surf line as I had been using him as a marker. One scoop into the sand and up came his precious Wedding Band. The look of joy and disbelief on his face was amazing. John and his wife were visiting from Sydney and were due to drive home the next day.

What a great thrill it is to reunite people with their precious items, I really love this hobby, it just keeps giving. The first of many for 2017


Lost Wedding ring on Honeymoon, FOUND!

from Batemans Bay (Australia)

Got a call from Bill yesterday evening explaining that he had lost his Wedding Ring on the Beach at Merimbula, whilst playing with his dog. He also explained that he was on the second week of his Honeymoon and both he and his new Bride were naturally both very upset.

Merimbula is about two and a half hours south of me, but given the circumstances I said I would come down and do a search for them.

When I saw the beach my heart sank as it seemed to go on for miles, but Bill assured me he had a pretty good idea of the location.2016-03-29 11.44.45Not sure what I think of the sculpting. (It would be difficult to find plastic bag big enough).











Bill took me to the location and after a few passes up came a familiar signal on the Minelab CTX 3030. Needless to say both Bill and his new Bride were delighted. I never get over the joy on peoples faces when they are reunited with their precious items.


2016-03-29 09.14.34

2016-03-29 09.14.50


Lost Keys Batemans Bay found on bush block

from Batemans Bay (Australia)



Had a call from Chad late yesterday afternoon. He had dropped his car keys whilst walking on his bush block in Batemans Bay.chad keys

Unfortunately his spare set was at home with his wife in Canberra, two hours away. Chad had searched all afternoon but could not find them in the thick undergrowth that covered the area. Fortunately his wife searched the internet and found The Ring Finders and my listing. I arrived with my trusty Minelab CTX 3030 and proceeded to attempt to retrace Chads trail through the block. Swinging the detector was difficult as the area was very overgrown due to heavy rains that we have had recently, but after about 30 minutes we were able to locate his keys in the undergrowth. needless to say Chad was overjoyed and was able to ring his wife with the good news that we had found them and that she did not have to make the four hour round trip. Another success story for The Ring Finders network. I just love those smiles!!!! keys detail

Lost Wedding Ring, Batemans Bay, Australia

from Batemans Bay (Australia)

I received an email during the week from a man who had lost his wedding ring whilst tidying the bush block around his house. He had hired a metal detector from a local store but with limited knowledge of how it worked he had spent some hours trying to locate it but to no avail. I agreed to go and do a search for him on the weekend when he would be there and so when the day arrived I turned up to see if I could find it. The search area was fairly large (around one hectare) as he couldn’t recall the exact location that he had lost it, or even if he had lost it when he had visited town. The ring is a bi-metal white and yellow gold band that had been custom made by a local jeweler some years ago. The jeweler had since passed away, so there was no way of having a replacement made. rescueFB

After about 45 mins and using trees as a grid reference I received a great signal amongst all the trash and there it was hiding in the leaf litter.

What a great feeling to be able to reunite a precious item with it’s owner, plus today just happened to be their wedding anniversary. Woohoo.rescue 2FB

Lost Wedding Ring found due to Snake encounter.

from Batemans Bay (Australia)

Several months ago I was detecting on a local beach and a couple approached me to have a chat. During the conversation they told me that the husband had lost his wedding ring while clearing cuttings in their back yard. I told them about the Ring Finder service and gave them a business card. They agreed they would call me to set up a time to go and do a search.

As well as detecting I also volunteer for a local native wildlife group and specialise in rescuing and relocating venomous snakes. On Tuesday of this week I was called to an address to remove a Red-Bellied Black snake. On arrival I immediately recognized the couple and reminded them of my jewellery rescue service.

We made arrangements for me to come and do a search on the Thursday. On arrival the husband explained that he had been picking up cuttings from the ground and throwing them into an area near the fence. I explained to him that I would do a grid search, and that although he believed the ring had come off as he threw the clippings, I would start my search in the area where he had in fact picked them up.

This would have to be the quickest recovery I have ever done as far as the search is concerned, as the first target, after about 30 seconds, was his lost wedding ring.

He was amazed as the whole family had searched the area on hands and knees with no success. He explained to me that the ring was a unique, one of a kind and was irreplaceable. Needless to say he was delighted to have it back. I left him shaking his head over how quickly I found it.

The ring had been lost for about eight months, but it just goes to show that it doesn’t matter how long it’s been misplaced, if we can be shown the area, we can find it.



Lost ring 001Lost ring 002


Lost Wedding Ring found thanks to Facebook

from Batemans Bay (Australia)

I was reading my local Buy Sell and Swap on my Facebook feed when I came across a post by Chris who had lost his Wedding Ring in the surf at his local beach two days earlier, and he asked if anyone had found it. I contacted him and offered my assistance. He told me that both he and his Father in Law had searched for most of the previous afternoon with metal detectors but had not had any success. He was sure that he had lost it whilst swimming, as he noticed it was gone when he emerged from the water.

As he was at work when I contacted him he was only able to give me general directions over the phone. I decided to do a search at low tide as I was not certain as to how far into the sea Chris had been when he lost the ring. The beach is called “Long Beach” so you can imagine I was a little concerned that I had maybe not fully understood Chris’s directions over the phone. In about shin deep water I got my first target signal which turned out to be a fishing sinker. Extending my search, my Minelab CTX3030 started to sing with a familiar sound and after digging with my beach scoop up came Chris’s Wedding ring.

I knew if I was in the right area I was a good chance of finding it but it’s hard to describe the feeling when you actually have the lost item in your hand. I rang Chris and needless to say he was elated, I really think he was sure it was lost forever. I went straight to his place of work to deliver it to him to be greeted by cheers from his work mates (I’m a legend apparently 😉 ). I read somewhere that we don’t have many opportunities in life to make someone happy but doing this gives me plenty.

Long Beach Ring3

As can be seen from the pictures it’s a lovely white gold and titanium ring with a diamond. Long Beach Ring2


Lost Keys Found, Denhams Beach NSW Australia

from Batemans Bay (Australia)

Ted had been visiting his local beach with his grandchildren. On leaving the beach he found that he had lost his car keys. After spending some time searching for them he contacted me to see if I could be of help. He met me at the location and after a few minutes of a grided search I was able to find them a couple of inches under the surface. My Minelab CTX 3030 with the 17″ coil is just perfect for this kind of work and I really get a buzz when I am able to hand the lost items the the owners.

This is my second set of car keys found in a week. So glad people are realising that there are those of us out there that can help and are contacting us on the ringfinders team.

Thanks for allowing me to be of assistance and for the reward.Ted Keys 013  Ted Keys 015

Lost car key found Malua Bay NSW Australia

from Batemans Bay (Australia)

Got a call late last evening from a guy who had lost his car key whilst walking his dog. Did a search until dark and then returned this morning. After about an hour this morning looking in pretty thick bush I was able to locate the key. One happy chap as he only had one key (you can guess that I suggested getting another made).

Thanks for the reward, glad to be of key 025

Gold Wedding ring find Surf Beach NSW Australia

from Batemans Bay (Australia)

Luke and his family went swimming at two beaches and for safe keeping he took off his wedding ring and placed it in a pocket on his rucksack. When he returned home he realized that  the ring was missing.

I completed a grid search on the first beach and when I was pretty sure that the ring wasn’t there we continued to the second.

He was amazed when after about three minutes searching I got a solid signal on my detector and up came his gold wedding band from around 3 inches of sand. The relief on his face when it was found was a picture to behold. A real buzz for me too!

Luke1         Luke2