Lost his Wife of 62 years then lost his wedding ring.... (there is a happy ending)

  • from St. Louis (Missouri, United States)

Walt lost his wife in June of this year (2022).   They’d been married 62 years.  He’s 82 years old and his wife was everything to him.  His family was over at his home helping to clear the Fall leaves from the lawn.  Walt was using a leaf blower for a while and then was helping to pack the leaves into 15 large bags so that they could be hauled off by the city a couple of days later.

On this day, while packing the leaves into bags, Walt noticed that his Wedding Ring was not on his finger.  He has early stage dementia per his daughter and is forgetful at times.   She actually wasn’t sure if he was wearing the ring at all at first but, she remembered taking some pictures as the family helped to pickup leaves.   In one of the pictures, Walt could be seen using the leaf blower and in the pic, you could barely make out the ring on his finger.   She wasn’t sure what to do so she Googled “lost ring’ and my name popped up.

It was later in the day when I received the call and after a few minutes, I set a time for the following day to go help find the ring.

There were 15 full bags of leaves in the garage. One by one, I moved them to the yard and used my Equinox to scan the bags as I rolled them over on each side and scanned the bottoms and tops of the bags to no avail.   We placed all the bags back into the garage and I began searching the yard.

After 2 hours of searching, I had not located the ring.  Realizing how important this find would be for this man, I started feeling desperate and was tearing at ideas of what to do.

I decided to take each bag of leaves again, one at a time, untied each one and utilized my handheld Garrett Carrot to get into each bag and begin diggin thru the leaves.  I was up to bag 13 and had not even as much as had a chirp from my finder.  On the 14th bag, I received a single chirp and then dead silence.   I dug hard and moved the finder around more and received a series of chirps.   I carefully used my free hand to reach in around the tip of the finder, grab as many leave as possible and lift them out and onto the ground.  I did this 2 times and each time the finder stopped chirping as my hands cleared the bag.  On my 3rd attempt, I located the chirp and aggressively grabbed as much as I could, including more of the finder and as I raised my hands the chirping was non-stop.

I layed out the 3rd handful of leaves, spread them a bit and began scanning them and could not locate anything.  I knew something came out of the bag with the leaves and kept scanning.  As I moved the finder closer to my free hand (I was on my hands and knees) I received some chirps.   I lifted my free hand and it stopped again.  I placed my hand back down, leaned over and kept scanning and then, I realized that the ring was wrapped aroung my thumbnail on my free hand.   His daughter, who was watching, started to cry and grabbed me for a huge bear hug.  She was so happy and emotional.   She yelled for her father inside the house.  As he came outside, she announced that I had found the ring.  He was very emotional and began to cry and thanked me over and over.  He too, reached out to hug me.

A very happy ending was had and I can honestly say that this was emotional for me as well.  We all laughed and swore that we’d be friends for life.

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  1. Griff ((TRF-France) says:

    Great ending to a successful search!

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