Angry Wife toss’s 2 rings from deck in anger.

  • from St. Louis (Missouri, United States)

I got a call from Raymond a couple days ago saying that his wife, in a fit of anger, remove a gold band from her hand and a platinum ring containing a red ruby and tossed both off of their elevated deck towards the lake they live on.   He said both rings were heirlooms from his family and had belonged to his great great grandparents and another great great grandma.   Both rings meant a lot to him.    I told him I couldn’t be out there till the next day due to my work schedule.  I arrive the next day to a multi- story home located on a steep hillside that sloped down towards a fairly large lake with about 110 feet of backyard space between the house and the lake and 160 foot wide yard.   The deck was elevated about 10 to 12 feet off the ground.   Raymond explained to me that she removed the rings and tossed both of them with one throw from one hand out into the yard In the dark.    He had an older metal detector that he used but he could not locate the rings after searching for about four hours before deciding to call me.  I started my search from the deck which was about 8 foot wide and went straight down the hill towards the lake and then turned and came back towards the other half of the deck.  About three forths the way back up the hill towards the deck I located the first ring which was the platinum ring.   About 10 more feet up the hill I located the gold band.    Needless to say he was very ecstatic and mentioned that he probably would not be giving those rings back to his wife as they were very precious heirlooms from years ago.   I’ve been on three other hunts before without any success but I have a new Equinox 800  and it screamed at me when it hit these targets.