Lost ring found in Alstead NH.

  • from Winchendon (Massachusetts, United States)

I received a Text from fellow ring finder Mike Baker for a gentleman that had lost his ring near me. I called the gentleman who lost the ring. Bob Schofield then proceeded to tell me his story of woe.  While cleaning brush up on his property he had taken off his ring and put it in his left hand.

Shortly after that he had gotten his hand wet and shook the water off as well as launching the ring into the brush. We agreed on a time to meet the next day. He had very wisely marked the spot where he had lost the ring. After searching the area under the brush where he thought he had seen it fly I had no luck. Enlarging the search area I found the ring slightly down hill and to the right of where he thought it was. Needless to say he was a very happy man as this wasn’t just any ring.  It had been given to him by 3 friends  around 30 years ago and since then the 3 friends had all passed.

This is what is great about this hobby and TheRingFinders network. Not only do we get to do a hobby we love but we can also give great joy to someone when we can return a cherished item to them. I would also like to thank Mike Baker of VT for giving me this opportunity to help out Bob.

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