Lost wedding ring 5 found and returned in Saint Augustine

  • from St. Augustine (Florida, United States)

This was my 26th ring return, my 5th by people who contact me through The Ring Finders site.

At 6:15 p.m. I was winding down from the day and watching the news when the phone rang. The callers name was Mike and he explained how he found my name and number on TheRingFinders.com and would I help him find his lost Tungsten wedding band. Mike lost his ring the night before by Dondanville Road in the dry sand area while catching a football and had a pretty good idea of where it was. His wife was researching where to rent a metal detector when she found my blog.

The first problem was Mike was now back in Jacksonville but his In-laws were still at the condo near Dondanville Road. They witnessed the ring being lost and could help guide me to the location. The second problem was you have to have your vehicle off the beach by 7:30 p.m. so time was restricted unless I wanted to park at the condo and walk down. As Mike called his In-laws to see if they could meet me on the beach I changed and got into the jeep and started heading that way figuring worst case scenario is he calls and says they can’t show me tonight then I can just turn around and go back home. By leaving right away it gave me extra time on the beach to look before they locked the beach access gates. As I was about half way there I got the call that they’d meet me on the beach.

The couple showed me where their son In-law thought the ring was lost and I started my grid search but was surprised by the lack of any targets at all. Usually there’s at least pennies and aluminum trash but this spot had none. To me that means it’s likely that someone has detected there recently. Undaunted I searched on, expanding the search area as I went.

With less than 10 minutes before we had to leave a Spanish gentleman approached me and explained someone had lost something the day before in the area I was now looking. I explained to him that yes that is why I was there to find the families ring and this gentleman pointed to an area just a tad further north and west of where we were looking and said he thought it was there. Apparently he had seen the incident the day before. So with nothing to lose we moved the search area to that location and within two minutes I found the ring.

It was right about that time that Officer Kevin pulled up and reminded us that we had to be off the beach by 7:30. He then recognized me and I told him about finding the ring. Officer Kevin was so nice he said he’d wait for us at the gate and to take our time. We made it off the beach by 7:27 with three minutes to spare.

I gave the ring to the In-laws and will post a photo of it back with the husband when he sends it. He was so happy on the phone and explained how much sentiment was behind the ring. His wife who is six months pregnant is the hero here for finding my number and she was also very happy that it was found! Ring return number 26 was a great success.

As always I’m thankful to God for getting me into this great hobby with opportunities to show people just a small glimpse of His kind of love.

Here is the photo I received today. Ring return 26b

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  1. Larry Griffith says:

    Nice job Barbara! Nice photo too.

  2. Dan Roekle says:

    Nice job Barbara – always a great feeling to help people out.

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