Lost ring, St. Augustine - Found

  • from St. Augustine (Florida, United States)

Ring  This morning I received an email from a man who’d lost his ring while doing yard work. He asked that I come out and look for it. The ring is a beautiful square shaped white gold wedding ring.  I headed out to his home with my old metal detector because my new one was out for repairs.  After talking with him and having him show me where he’d been and what he’d been doing I started at the most obvious and likely place that he’d have lost it and planned to search an outward grid from that point.RingandOwner

It only took about five minutes of actual searching to find it.  I think they were as surprised as I was.  My first successful find as a member of The Ring Finders.  There is just something magical about the smiles on the faces of those who lost something precious when that item is finally returned to them.

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  1. Hope you have many more successful finds…

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