Lost white gold wedding ring has been found on Perth beach

from Perth (Australia)
Contact: 0402 104 425

Owner: Tim
Date: 22nd October 2012
Item: White gold wedding ring
Location: C Y O’Connor Beach Perth
Water/Sand/Grass/Garden: Sand
Status: Found

Well thanks to Tim, my run of 3 items not recovered has been broken !
I was beginning to think I had lost my “mojo” for tracking down those lost valuables.
Anyway, Tim called me today as his wife had just lost her gold wedding ring at the waters edge. Tim made a great mental note of the area that the ring was lost including the time of day relating to high and low tide.
Fortunately I was on the road and only 30 minutes away so I headed straight down to the spot to meet Tim.
This particular beach has quite a lot of “black sand” which can cause plenty of false signals to those cheap and nasty hire machines so I was pleased that Tim had called me as I have several machines to choose from depending on where stuff has been lost.
We marked out a small area of maybe 10m x 10m and proceeded to search it thoroughly but not a signal was heard. Tim got me to have a look just to the other side of where we started out from and I immediately got a signal with my metal detector. The strength of the target didn’t inspire me greatly as it was quite weak and I was hoping for something with a bit more punch. I sunk my scoop into the grey sand and emptied the contents to one side. I immediately saw the glint of a silver/white gold ring and knew it had to be what we were after…and it was.
The ring had already worked its way down about 6” (15cm) in a very short time and I estimate that it would be out of range from my metal detector within the next 24 hours.
Tim’s wife will be relieved to get her ring back as they have been married for just a short time.
Thank you Tim for contacting me and the reward is really appreciated and helps keep this service going.
Here is a photo of the recovered ring…..18K white gold with a nice stone set into it.

And thanks Tim for the nice words;

“Submitted by Tim on 22nd October 2012
Thank you so much for your help!
My wife lost her wedding ring at the beach yesterday and was obviously really upset. We scoured the beach straight away but couldn’t see it – she lost it right on the edge of the water so it was covered by the churning sand. We had pretty much written it off and were already looking at having to get a replacement – although its not the same!
I originally looked at hiring a metal detector and having a go myself, although I wasn’t very optimistic. I am really glad I came across Tony’s site as I was searching to rent one. As he says the metal detectors you can hire are generally rubbish and wouldn’t of worked in that particular sand so would of been a waste of time, which I can fully understand.
Tony was great, he offered to come straight away and we met at the beach. He already had everything ready when I got there and we got started. He set up a grid to search and within 20 minutes he found it!
My wife is overjoyed to have her ring back. Tony is a really nice guy who also happens to love searching for treasure – and helping people find their valuables is a great way to do it, and off his own back!
Thanks again
Tim (& Thalita!)


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