Found 2 lost wedding rings, Perth

from Perth (Australia)
Contact: 0402 104 425

Owner: Pam (Andy’s Mum)
Date: 7th October 2012
Item: Two gold wedding rings
Location: Perth
Water/Sand/Grass/Garden: Garden
Status: Found

Andy got in touch with me after his Mum had lost 2 wedding rings whilst spreading mulch in her garden. They were 95% sure that the rings had come off in one of several small flower beds so I was confident that I could track them down.
The first few beds gave up a pulltab and several small pieces of metallic junk but no rings and the search area was fast running out. I was beginning to feel that they were lost elsewhere but continued to the final small flower bed, which was an area of only a few square metres. Straight away I had a nice signal and there just below the surface was the first gold ring. We were all hopeful of a second signal in the same area and sure enough, another nice smooth ‘beep” was heard. The second gold ring finally gave itself up but had managed to get itself about 5 inches down into the wood chips.
Thanks Andy for contacting me and I certainly appreciate the reward.

Here is a photo of the two rings.


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