Brendan's lost and found gold wedding ring, South Beach, Perth

from Perth (Australia)
Contact: 0402 104 425

I received a call from Brendan asking if I could assist him in finding his recently lost white gold wedding ring from about 4 to 5 feet of water. The ring was lost at South Beach, Perth (not the one in Miami) as Brendan was mucking around with his young children.

I decided to head straight down that afternoon but was greeted with quite strong winds and choppy waves. Brendan had the area well marked with reference points from the beach so I was confident that a grid search would uncover his ring. The water conditions were quite bad and any chance of a thorough grid search was almost impossible. I hunted the general area as best I could for about 2 hours but unfortunately the coil didn’t go over the ring that day.

I hate giving up but the rough water was too much so I had to quit for the day. I told Brendan that I would hunt again but my next days off work were 4 days away. The early morning conditions were going to be perfect all week and I hoped that another water hunter wouldn’t pick it up.

Two days later I received a message from Brendan saying that he had found his ring !

Brendan had hired an underwater metal detector and managed to get his ring early that morning. The ring was further out than we both had realised and with an early morning low tide and pond like conditions, the ring gave itself up.

Brendan was extremely grateful for my efforts and offered a reward to me.

No reward for me I informed him…..he found it. I was very happy for him.

It looks like Brendan is a natural hunter……I wonder if he’s hooked on the hobby now?

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