Platinum ring recovered Ocean City NJ

  • from Mays Landing (New Jersey, United States)

20140824_14142120140824_141458For the second time this year, I was approached on the Beach in Ocean City NJ to help find a lost ring. This morning, my daughter asked if we could go to the beach for the day. After checking the tide table and seeing that low tide was at 2:00pm I thought it would be a great day to dig. I was no more than 15 minutes into my hunt when a nice lady told me that her husband’s platinum wedding band slipped of his finger while playing in the surf with their kids. She said it was about a half hour earlier. With the tide going out and a general idea of where it was lost I went to work. I started close to the water edge and work upward toward the dryer sand. It’s wasn’t looking to promising after about an hour and a half. By chance I seen my friend Nick detecting and told him what was going on. I met him at National metal detecting day in Atlantic City. We talked a bit about finds we’ve made and it gave me a few minutes to reevaluate the search. I worked up a bit higher and closer to the lifeguard stand . Finally a hot 12 11 repeater on the CTX3030. Sent the T Rex in and missed but seen the ring for a second. Sent it back and there it was. So glad to go back to the family with the ring. Smiles all around.

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  1. Happy family. Great results!

  2. Chris Turner says:

    Nice recovery Anthony, sounds like you had to work for it but the smiles are the best part of the recovery!

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