Ocean City NJ ring save

  • from Mays Landing (New Jersey, United States)


While On Vacation in Ocean City New Jersey I went down to the 34th St. beach for an late afternoon hunt. I had a guy come up and ask If I could help him find a ring lost in the sand. They were located at 31st. Street. As we walked I started to gather all the info. When I got to their beach site they were digging with sifters and hands. The nice lady that lost the ring had swatted at a fly with her husband’s wedding band on here pinky finger. She had her spot marked out well and I assured them I’d find the ring. I started to fan out but didn’t have much luck to start. I went back to the original spot where she was sitting and asked him to move the beach bag. Big screaming hit right under the bag. The white gold wedding band was found. Was a great feeling to return a cherished item to the couple.

3 Replies to “Ocean City NJ ring save”

  1. Chris Turner says:

    That was good timing for those people that you showed up by chance! Nice recovery Anthony!

  2. Ed Cropski says:

    Congrats Anthony! Right place at the right time. Glad to see you out hunting those beaches,hope they are treating you good. I start my 2 weeks vacation in Ocean city tomorrow on 24th st,maybe I’ll see you around. If not catch you at next years Minelab hunt in AC. Good luck!

  3. Alex and Michele says:

    Thank you Tony–(AKA Lord of the Rings)! To comment on Tony’s story above- I was in the ocean, when I looked on shore to see about 15 people on their hands and knees looking for something in the sand. I commented to a friend, what could they possibly be looking for? When I got on shore, my wife told me that she had lost my wedding ring. After everyone continued to hunt for about 45 minutes, I decided to walk down the beach asking for a metal detector. That was when I saw Tony on 34th street, hunting for his own treasure; immediately, he replied, what did you lose? After telling Tony about the missing ring, he confidently replied I will find it; after all, Tony owns some of the best equipment out there–ear phones, sifter, gloves, and one of the most sophisticated metal detectors I have ever seen. At this point, I was still a bit skeptical, but happy that we had a better chance to find my wedding band. As we approached the site, the group had now shifted to using kitchen sifters. This was quite the scene, but Tony continued to beam with confidence. He started in a very orthodox manner rotating around the site in concentric circles. When the perimeter approached 3-4x the size of the original circle of chairs, I began to lose confidence. It had been approximately 30-45 more minutes at this point, with the tide coming up quickly. As hope continued to be lost, Tony continually ensured us he would find the ring and even said he would stay out until midnight if he had to. He began to double back over the territory he already covered; then asked my wife where exactly she lost it once more. After moving the cooler (which marked the spot where she’d been sitting)BOOM, Tony’s metal detector locked in! He found the ring. Everyone cheered and thanked Tony for his time and expertise. My wife and I are so thankful for Tony’s help and know one thing is for sure, if you ever lose something in the area, Tony is the man to call; he was more than happy to help us. He is…THE LORD OF THE RINGS.

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