Ring Recovery - Platinum & 3 Carat Diamond

  • from Bryson City (North Carolina, United States)

I recently had a nice lady named Carrie contact me through a Craigslist ad that I run about my services with The Ring Finders.  She was in desperate need of help finding her engagement ring that was Platinum with a 3 carat diamond.  Needless to say she needed it found as quickly as possible.  She had been desperately searching for a week and had no luck.  She even had another detectorist come out with no results.  We made arrangements for me to be there at her house at 7:30 the next morning.

We started off that crisp morning with a search around a landscaped area with a tall holly tree.  No luck.  We expanded the search to the end of the driveway area in a wooded section where she had already searched by hand and gathered up all the leaves and bagged them up.  She even had my pinpointer and was searching areas of the lawn.  After almost three hours of searching, I was beginning to have my doubts about the search but persistence paid off.  Just 18″ away from where she had been raking leaves, I found the beautiful ring just under the leaf cover.  To say she was happy is an understatement!

I’m very glad that I was able to make her smile and reunite her with her beautiful ring. I also want to thank her for her more than generous reward. Please watch the video below for more details.




2 Replies to “Ring Recovery – Platinum & 3 Carat Diamond”

  1. Jim Wren says:

    Great recovery and story Andy, WTG!!!!

    TRF North Myrtle Beach SC

  2. Larry Griffith says:

    Gorgeous ring and nice video story.

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