Andy Turbyfill

Quick Ring Recovery at a Volleyball Court

  • from Bryson City (North Carolina, United States)

I got a call from a local College student Rachel.   She unfortunately had lost a very special ring while playing volleyball at her apartment complex.  After discussing the details it sounded like an easy recovery.  And it was.  Only took about 5 minutes and the ring was back on her finger and a smile back on her face.  I wish they were all this easy.

Ring Recovery in the Vinyard

  • from Bryson City (North Carolina, United States)

I got an email late one evening and Daniel was in need of some help to find his wedding band he had lost while walking through a vineyard.  It turned out to be a quick recovery and Daniel was very glad to have his ring back.  He said his hand didn’t feel “naked” anymore.  Thank you Daniel for putting me right on top of the ring.  I hope you wear it in good health.


Check out the video of the recovery from my Youtube channel

Ring Recovery in a Grassy Ravine – Outside a Walmart

  • from Bryson City (North Carolina, United States)

I got a call from a lady who needed help finding her wedding set. Let’s just say it wound up in a grassy ravine outside of a Walmart. No judgement here, it happens all the time.  It sounded pretty cut and dry and it didn’t look like a difficult place to hunt so the next morning I met her there. Everything went smooth and only took about 30 minutes to recover.  I told the young lady that since we were able to find the ring, that now, 20 years down the road we can just look back and laugh about the whole thing.

The lady and her husband chose to remain anonymous and didn’t want to be on camera.

Ring Recovery at a Local Creek for a Fisherman

  • from Bryson City (North Carolina, United States)

Got an email form Brett about a lost ring.  I contacted him and the next morning we  were able to get together.  It seems that he was cleaning fish at the creek side, and the fish slime caused his wedding band to slip off.  I made it a little harder for myself than I needed to but I finally went back to the beginning and sure enough, there was the ring.  I want to thank Brett and his wife for their kindness.  Now he can enjoy the rest of his stay here in the NC Smokey Mountains.  Please watch the video to see the whole story.

Ring Recovery – Platinum & 3 Carat Diamond

  • from Bryson City (North Carolina, United States)

I recently had a nice lady named Carrie contact me through a Craigslist ad that I run about my services with The Ring Finders.  She was in desperate need of help finding her engagement ring that was Platinum with a 3 carat diamond.  Needless to say she needed it found as quickly as possible.  She had been desperately searching for a week and had no luck.  She even had another detectorist come out with no results.  We made arrangements for me to be there at her house at 7:30 the next morning.

We started off that crisp morning with a search around a landscaped area with a tall holly tree.  No luck.  We expanded the search to the end of the driveway area in a wooded section where she had already searched by hand and gathered up all the leaves and bagged them up.  She even had my pinpointer and was searching areas of the lawn.  After almost three hours of searching, I was beginning to have my doubts about the search but persistence paid off.  Just 18″ away from where she had been raking leaves, I found the beautiful ring just under the leaf cover.  To say she was happy is an understatement!

I’m very glad that I was able to make her smile and reunite her with her beautiful ring. I also want to thank her for her more than generous reward. Please watch the video below for more details.



Gas Station Ring Recovery

  • from Bryson City (North Carolina, United States)

Had a call from a lady who found me on The Ring Finders.  She had lost her wedding rings at a local gas station and I new right away that this might be a hard one.  With cars coming in and out, you never know where a ring might wind up.  She had managed to find the wedding band but the engagement ring was still missing.  I got here text about 6 AM this morning and she had lost her rings about 9 PM the night before.  In our small town that was a good thing because traffic flow would be very slow from that time in the evening till this morning.

I got to the station before she did and looked around the curb side from where she was.  The ring must have really had some spring to it because I found it in the grass about 20 feet from where she lost it.  It was sitting right on top of the ground in plain sight.  That did not turn out the way I was figuring.  I did not have high hopes but everything made for a great Christmas time success story.  Another smile, Another happy Christmas.

Please watch the video below to see details.

Ring Lost While Kayaking – RECOVERED

  • from Bryson City (North Carolina, United States)

A gentleman contacted me on about a lost wedding band.  “Familiar story” you say.  Well this unfortunate fellow had only been married for a week and already had the misfortune of losing his wedding band while kayaking.  After a phone conversation about where he lost his ring, it was evident that this was not going to be an easy recovery.  The suspected area was very large but I gave it a shot.  After a large sweep of the area, and still on location, I contacted the gentleman to confirm where he got out of the river (that was the place where he realized his ring was gone).  I figured I might as well start at the end and work my way back.

Unbelievably that is where I found the ring.  Laying in plain view in about 8 inches of water.  Lost for 4 days and still right on top of the gravel.  It was meant to be for the owner to get his ring back.  I contacted the owner while I was on location and he was to say the least shocked and amazed that I was able to find the ring.  I promptly mail the ring back to him and he was more than gracious in showing his appreciation for the recovery and return.

Here is the ring just after recovery.


Here is the ring back on the owner’s hand


Another smile in the books.

Ring Recovery for a Friend at the Football Stadium

  • from Bryson City (North Carolina, United States)

I had a friend contact me about needing help finding his platinum wedding band he lost at the local HS football stadium. Didn’t sound like a hard recovery. And it wasn’t. Only took 10 minutes and all I had to use was my pinpointer. One more smile for the books!

GoPro returned to local kayaker

  • from Bryson City (North Carolina, United States)


I recently found a GoPro 4 on a river hunt. After looking at the video on the camera I was able to post some snap shots on FB and with some help, I was able to locate the owner. Here is the return to a happy owner.
Thank you Travis for your generous reward.

Check out my FB page where I try to reunite lost items with their owners.

Ring Recovery at NC Lake Beach Area

  • from Bryson City (North Carolina, United States)

Got a call from a Miles that he had lost his wedding band at a local lake beach area.  He found me through  After a broad search, to make sure I didn’t miss anything, I was able to recover the ring for him.  I’m so glad I was able to reunite the ring with it’s owner.  I’m sure Miles had a much more relaxed ride home with his ring back on his hand.  Thanks again Miles for the generous reward and using

Check out the video of the recovery

Miles is a happy man!

Miles is a happy man!