Lost SigNet Ring Found In Delray Beach, FL Park and Reunited with owner

from Fort Lauderdale (Florida, United States)
On Happy Client Reunited with His Lost Ring While Playing Football

Words cannot describe the happiness when one is reunited with their lost ring

On Decemember 5th, 2010  I received this phone call from a guy who lost his ring playing football at the park with his friends.  I was just arriving home from a camping trip when I called him back.  He told me his story and I said I would call him back with a time that I could meet him out there.   I had not even had a chance to put my gear away.  Within minutes, I had called Andrew and was in transit to Delray Beach to find his lost ring.  My hunting partner and I searched the field where the ring was lost for a little more than five hours before it was pitch black outside.   Andrew had mentioned to me that he had somewhere to be and asked if he could leave now and I assured him that we would not be giving up that easily and if it was found tonight, I would call him so he could come back.  We stayed another 30-40 minutes hunting in the blackness of night until I later unearthed his ring from the ground.  I called Andrew to let him know that we had found his ring and he was in disbelief!  I had described the ring I was holding and he met us back at the park to claim his ring.  Andrew was so excited to have his ring back!

A Photo Says a Thousand Words

A Closeup of the Prized Ring

A Video Testimonial in MP4 Format

A Video Testimonial in WMV Format

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