Lost wedding ring while working in Jacksonville Fl... no more!

from Jacksonville (Florida, United States)
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Dec. 5 2018

I received a call from a gentleman who was working on some landscaping plumbing and he lost his ring.   I went out to where he was working and was informed that he never takes his ring off at work, but did so today to wash off his hands and the spray from the sprinkler shot his ring off in to the yard.

The area was a little island in a residential complex, so we could not really dig up the area too much, but this should be a surface find…

I started a grid and the gentleman was sure that it shot off about 10 feet.  I looked in his area for awhile and found some trash and pennies.  I decided to work back to where he washed his hands by the pipe and there it was… check the pictures… The ring was only about 1 foot from where he was washing his hands at the pipe.

The gentleman was sooo happy that I found his ring that he stills calls to thank me.

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