Lost diamond engagement ring and wedding band in Jacksonville Beach, FL... Found!

from Jacksonville (Florida, United States)
Contact: 1-904-716-5699


I just purchased a new metal detector and received a coupn to join, so I did…

I didn’t think that I would be getting a phone call 4 days after I was added to the site.

I received a call for help that a lady lost her wedding band and engagement rings and if I could help.  After a few questions I was told that the rings were in a back pocket with a hole and they were somewhere in a 30×30 foot area.

Once the ladies told me the rings were still on the beach I decided to run out there before we really lost them to the tide or another detectorist.

We made it to the beach and I started to work… my first find was a fidget spinner.  I figured that I should give it to the lady so she had something to do while I worked.  Every time I started digging you could see the hope building, only to be dashed by a couple of pennies, a hanger and some foil….

after my eighth pass I hit a signal close to the surface and there it was, her engagement ring.  Then about a foot away was here wedding band…

She was so greatful and her reaction to me finding her rings was awesome.   Not bad for my first call.


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  1. Jim Wren says:

    Andrew, welcome aboard! Great recovery and return.

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