Ring Located At Blue Mountain, Ontario Canada Ski Slopes

from Barrie (Ontario, Canada)
Contact: 1-705-797-0769

Got a call out, lost ring on the side of the ski hill, we drove up to Collingwood Ontario about an hour north of our location, a friend  joined me and we were armed with many detectors, we walk up the hill side it was about half way up it was just about killing me as I am 63 years old thought I was in shape, boy I was wrong , I was telling the client that my friend and his wife would find it before we even get up there, boy I was right again, we just got up to the area and the young lady and my friend had got to the location first, they had already found it, his wife located just it sitting on the ground right in plain site, they just missed seeing it and or the snow melted off it, as it was there for a few days after getting my breath back we slide down the hill, took a few pics they offered us gas money, Shaun and myself are very happy you got your ring back that was our true goal.

sometimes people just get lucky on their own.

sorry about the pic think it was on fisheye

IMG_2316 IMG_2315

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