Two Rings found in cold water pond


IMG_1506 IMG_1504Two Rings lost in a pond found

Today was a good day, I was out Metal detecting for a man that had lost not one but two rings in a man-made pond, I was out in late May after George called me after taking a cool dip in the pond sending both his rings to the bottom deep in mud and rocks, thus today I returned to look again, yes finding the water a little warmer, it took both George and I three hour working the area hard digging walking in 4″ mud and stones, we did located both rings a very happy client indeed, George was diving with a tank and belt to keep him down, was pleased he offered a good finders fee, nice seeing happy clients, visit my blog @ Locate Barrie Ontario, Canada, you’ll find my listing there on top, if you have lost any ring I can find it,  even after many many years, please re-post this to all your friends list, this works all over the world, if you know someone what has lost a ring I can and will located even after many years.



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  1. Chris Turner says:

    Sounds like a very hard search…Nice going on the double recovery!!!

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