Deer Hunters be careful, easy to drop your Ring out there.

from Barrie (Ontario, Canada)
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Cold weather plays a big roll in rings being dropped in the bush, as your hand shrinks in full cold weather,   just ask Nathan.  Three years ago, out bow hunting, got a great deer and after cleaning his Deer noticed he had lost his ring. He and his wife lost something special that day and thought they would never see it again.  Rings can be replaced but, this one was special and after three years looked up and found me on Ringfinders.   Called me, the rest is history, he is now wearing his ring and I am so happy for them.  If you have lost a ring, or anything of value, contact me as I have a great ability to locate things, as you can tell from my blog, call the best, call Me.


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  1. Chris Turner says:

    Very cool to find 3 years later! Way to go…

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