Allan Varey Hits Another $15000.00 ring for a client!


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I was called out the other day and drove around to the other side of Lake Simcoe. A lady had lost her ring. It was at the end of the Long weekend and I really didn’t wish to go.  After a few emails and calls I made the 1 1/2 hour trip only to not find it. Disappointing indeed, however the couple gave me my time and money for my trip and I told them I would return the next day.  I think they thought I wouldn’t, but today I drove back.  Just as I was just getting there,  she called to check if I was coming.  I was just turning into the parking lot.  After talking a little we tried again and within an hour I had located her ring.  She was almost in tears I knew this ring meant something to them before finding it.  Insurance would cover the loss in most cases, losing a ring is an emotional loss too. Thankfully no heartbreak this time!

Allan Varey

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  1. Cesar Sousa says:

    So my wife decides to play with a bunch of us in the water with her engagement ring on … The hero whips a ball along with the ring in the air and right into the water … I immediately mark my area fly to Wal Mart to get my diving gear … Snorkelled for hours till sunset and still no ring … We were heartbroken … Not for the monetary value but for the fact that this piece is my first building block to my family and if it wasn’t for Mr Allan Varey my family and I would never have that peace of mind… You are a God Sent.

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