Large ring found at Tiny Beach

from Barrie (Ontario, Canada)
Contact: 1-705-797-0769

Got a callout about 8:00 PM from Barrie, On.

From Chad and his wife very up-set about Chad’s wedding ring lost in the sand at Tiny Beach about an hour away, they knew the location area, his ring was sitting on top of their beach shade and forgot taking it down it was thrown aside, we didn’t arrive out to Tiny Beach until well after dark, we set up a grids using small flag markers well seen in the dark, it only took about 15 minutes to locate the ring, very happy couple they needed it back as they were only here visiting family from Alberta and leaving soon, also within a few hour away it was their 1st year wedding anniversary this makes for a great story, he located us on the Web The Ring Finders .com  called me, and we answered the call..IMAG0604IMAG0603

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