Wedding Ring found in 5 Feet of water in Georgian Bay, Ontario

from Barrie (Ontario, Canada)
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July 10, 2012

Ring found outside Barrie Ontario at private beach

Received a phone call from Tim.  He had lost his wedding ring in about 5 feet of water 2 days prior to calling me.  I made arrangements to meet him on the beach to search for the ring.  After my arrival, I searched the beach area and found nothing.  The client then told me the ring was lost in the water, and supplied me with his wife’s ring as a sample to match tone.  The search took about 20 minutes and the ring was located with my Garrett ATPro in chest high water in Georgian Bay with waves just about knocking me over.  The client took notice of his approximate location when he lost the ring and that cut down the search time.  The wave action on this particular beach has the effect of sweeping the sand back into the bay, so the prompt action on the clients part was a great was only covered by a light layer of sand and he was able to find it with his fingers in the sand when I told him we had tone.

The client and his wife we very happy with finding the ring and so was I….My ATPro only arrived 5 days ago and worked like a charm…..What an incredible machine!!!


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  1. Dave Millman says:

    Good job with your AT-Pro! We’ve had one for about a year, it’s a great metal detector.

    -Dave Millman, TheRingFinders Northern California

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