Lost sentimental Garmin watch into the waters of North Lake Dalrymple, Kawartha Lakes, Ontario

  • from Brampton (Ontario, Canada)

Jason was enjoying a vacation with his Wife & Children renting a beautiful cottage on North Lake Dalrymple in the Kawartha Lakes Region on Ontario’s cottage country.

Jason was out in the water playing with his kids and his Daughter grabbed his wrist. His Garmin watch as well as her bracelet came off and went to the bottom of the lake.

Jason managed to dive down to locate his Daughters bracelet but unfortunately could not locate his Garmin watch. This Garmin is very special to him as it’s been on many athletic adventures through thick and thin with injuries and all. Jason is an amazing athlete and free diver as well. But he’s also an “EARTH ANGLE” raising charity donations for years with his high school buddies and Friends. I’m talking thousands of charity donation dollars!!! Over 3 million I believe! INCREDIBLE!

“CYCLE WARRIORS” is their team name!!! They are all EARTH ANGELS!! Doing their part in helping others in need jus as I do with using my passion for metal detecting snd raising much needed donations for the Kelly Shires Breast Cancer Foundation instead of taking/receiving a reward for finding the clients lost item!!


Here’s a link to sponsor Jason’s in his upcoming even in a view days!!!

Every donation matters!! Please make a donation if you can!



Jason put us in the perfect location! My DIVE BLU3 NEMO hookah system and 10’ hose and my Minelab Excalibur2 underwater metal detector alongside a custom underwater circular gridding tool ROCKED IT UT!!! Once untangling the line it took 40 SECONDS to recover and surprise Jason with his Garmin watch!!


Garmin had given Jason some explicit instructions on how to care for and charge his watch. He took his time and was extremely pleased that after 6-8 weeks of it being in the water his GARMIN TURNED ON AND UPDATED!!!

Jason’s stated his buddies thought he was crazy to have the watch recovered and it wouldn’t work!! Guess he has the last chuckle!


check out the video of this Garmin watch recovery and return;


I was honoured to turn around and donated to Jason’s team! It will be a new annual donation in my books!! Thank you too Jason for your generous donation to the Kelly Shires Breast Cancer Foundation!!

Just might drag you out on a couple of my recovery adventures where I need a dive buddy is my safety watcher!!


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