• from Brampton (Ontario, Canada)

Kleinburg, Ontario – Received a referral from RingFinder Steve Z for a lost wedding band in the tall grass of a backyard!

I called the client Gabriel during dinner for the details and proceeded to head over before dark!

An hour later I arrived into the beautiful quaint little Village of Kleinburg in Vaughan Township!! Sure brought back memories travelling from Rexdale up Highway 27 to Nobleton many moons ago!!.

Gabriel’s Wife had her Girlfriends over in the afternoon. One of her Girlfriends took her Platinum Diamond Wedding band off and put it down on the table. Camillo, the couples young Son took the wedding band and flung it over his shoulder into the tall grass behind him!! They searched for hours and decided to call upon THE RING FINDERS DOT COM professionals!

I set up my Minelab Equinox 800 metal detector with the extra large 15” coil! 3 minutes later I asked if the wedding band was Platinum instead of 925 silver as originally advised. (I had a sweet low tone but caught a glimpse of the band buried in the grass)

Gabriel’s Wife called her BFF to check what the wedding band was made of… but I then called little Camillo over to help me and gave him my pinpointer!! We then pulled the beautiful wedding band out!! Check out our video!

I think we have a new DETECTING PIRATE in the making!!! On the flip side…instead of receiving a reward, I always ask my Clients to PAY-UT-FORWARD by making an immediate online donation to the “Kelly Shires Breast Cancer Foundation in which I have snowmobiled/volunteered for the last 11 of 20 years now my 12th year!  Here is a link to my KSBCF fundraising page!

I am so very happy to use my passion for metal/scuba dive detecting to help others!! I hope I have inspired little Pirate Camillo into becoming a treasure hunter!! ARRRH MATEY!