• from Brampton (Ontario, Canada)

Brampton, Ontario, Canada

I was contacted by a fellow member Bill H of the Brampton Historical Society after my “show & tell” presentation of found rings while detecting the beaches and waters of Wasaga Beach, Ontario.

He asked if I could come out to his former ‘pick-your-own” apple farm to see if I could find it. It had been over 10 years lost as per the Farmer. I headed over after work. I brought two detectors so he could try metal detecting. He started me in the first row of apple trees where he felt it was missing.

Within 3 MINUTES…. BINGO-BANGO…my brand new Minelab Equinox800 had found a beautiful 10k eagle ring. The Farmer Bill has confirmed that was it and was absolutely shocked in disbelief that I had located this ring in 3 minutes!

Here is the VIDEO LINK;

I continued on detecting with his permission as he went in for supper. The next tree I found a massive key chain full of keys. The next tree again….ANOTHER RING. It looks like an Engineering ring possibly titanium. The Farmer has information for both the keys and a silver ring. I am now on a mission to hopefully reunite these items with their rightful owners!!

3 days later I met the Eagle Rings owner Mr & Mrs Muir in Brampton. He was just over-the-moon and stated it was more like over 20 years he had lost his ring.

Hat’s off the Farmer Bob and his wife Jane for keeping this information of the lost items. I am so lucky, as I am invited back as Jane lost an item in a garden. Looking forward to returning to the property!!