Lost Earring Found in Upper Hutt

  • from Wellington (New Zealand)

Alex contacted me to see if I could find an earring that his wife, Judy, had lost in a paddock while working with a ewe that was lambing.  Unfortunately I was out of the country for the week but asked them to wait for my return and I would do my best to help them.

When I got home I spoke to Judy and she told me that she had since lost another earring in similar circumstances but in another paddock.  However the first one was of sentimental value and therefore the top priority.

When I arrived at the property Judy was able to show me the matching earring so I could get an idea of what sort of signal to expect.

First Earring found

First Earring found

The earring was tiny and gave almost no response unless the coil was right on top of it, but at least they had an area marked out with sticks, about 3 metres square, where they thought it should be.

I went over the area as carefully as possible but got nothing.  I extended about 3metres to one side but still got nothing so went 3 metres to the other side of the original square.

A short time later I got a good signal and went down on my knees with the pinpointer.  It was going nuts but the earring was almost invisible .  It had landed head down and the pin was sticking straight up.

Judy holding her earring

Judy holding her earring

One down, one to go.  They took me to the next area and within about 2 minutes I got a signal and found the other earring.  It was almost as difficult as the first one to see as it was also head down

Judy's second earring

Judy’s second earring

I was very relieved to be able to find both earrings as something that small is always going to be difficult.  Alex and Judy were so pleased.

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  1. great work Al. I had the same problem with a VERY small earring at a sandy beach about 2 yrs ago for a 9 yr old girl. I found it but it took a lot of work!

  2. Chris Turner says:

    Yes good job…Very difficult search for sure! They are had to find!!

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